Body Massage: 3 Tips If You Are In Doubt

Remember the times when you are massaging someone, you feel the great connection between the 2 of you? A body massage is great for giving your partner the satisfaction, comfort and relaxation he or she needs. But have you ever thought about the quality of your massage? Here’s how you should improve your massage by using these 3 simple steps.

If you follow these 3 steps and do it right, you don’t have to stress over the small details anymore.

Follow your partner’s body shape 강남안마

Sometimes you don’t know which direction or how much pressure to apply on your partner’s body. That is fine. The human body is complex. What should you do? When you are not sure, always follow the contour of the body shape. Trace the body’s outline with your fingers. How much pressure to apply? Well, as long as both of you feel comfortable about it, you are free to vary the pressure and intensity. Some areas need a harder massage, while others may not. But the most important thing to do is consistency. Never stop halfway during a massage because that can break the vibe and flow of the massage.

Don’t cause harm

This can be done by pressing too hard on areas that are very sensitive. For example, this includes the kidney, neck, armpit and groin. Sometimes, a person who has recently suffered from injuries have delicate spots too. Avoid applying too much pressure onto these places. This time, if you are in doubt, you should always consult your doctor or physician’s advice before doing anything serious that can potentially cause damage.

Be in the present

How is this possible? As worldwide famous psychologist Eckhart Tolle has always said it, be in the moment. The question is, how do you do this? Simply focus on one thing at a time. Breathing deeply using your stomach helps too. You can work on the leg first and not worry about other body parts. Don’t think about the past or what you are going to do next. Don’t plan. Just be.


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