Beauty Reviews – A How-to Guide to Writing a Review

In a world where a person has thousands of beauty products and skincare products to choose from, the only way to work out whether the beauty product is worth the jar it’s bottled in is to rely on reviews. There are many beauty review sites out there but the best ones contain beauty reviews that are thorough, honest, and make a definitive judgment on the skincare products or beauty products they’re reviewing.

When it comes to writing a review, there are a few things to consider that will ensure that your review will be read, and become an authoritative document. Developing an authoritative reputation will give your beauty reviews a lot more credibility, ultimate increasing traffic to your site.

Complete Beauty Product Details

While it may seem logical, you’d be surprised how many reviewers forget to mention the full details of the beauty products. Start with the brand; this is one of the most recognizable parts to a beauty product thanks to the millions that beauty brands spend on advertising. Next choose the product name (with the correct spelling — Chanel’s Inimitable Mascara gets misspelled all the time) then the type of cosmetic, or skincare product (i.e. mascara). Finally, don’t forget to mention any other identifiable bit of information. For example many cosmetics will have a specific number after them to identify an attribute, like color, if it’s part of a range of beauty products. the best luxury skincare brands

Give Your Background

Once you’ve detailed the product, don’t be afraid to explain who you are. Giving background information, like your skin type, length of use of the product, personal preferences, or even if you’re a contact lens wearer will help the reader to interpret your review for themselves.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A good beauty review will have some sort of substantiation. An easy way to do this is to take the product claim (normally retrievable from the skincare products itself or the manufacturers website), and base your review around it.

With reference to the claim the whole way through, comment on how the beauty products lived up to their claim and mark it under the good points, and then highlight the areas where it doesn’t in the bad section. If you review beauty products that really don’t live up to their claim then don’t be afraid of saying so!

It is very important to be detailed and thorough in beauty reviews. Comment on the elements of the product that appeal to the senses. In beauty reviews the way beauty products feel when you’re applying them can be just as important as the results the products deliver.

Pass Judgment

At the end of your review you need to make a definitive judgment on the product. Base your final verdict on a summation of the good points and bad points. Make sure that the reader of your reviews knows exactly where you stand by the end of you verdict.


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