Need a Job? Then Don’t Waste Time on Job Boards

Inavero Institute for Service Research has found through a study they’ve conducted that online job boards are at the top of the list for recruiting new employees. It appears that this avenue for finding and hiring new staff is steadily on the rise for both small and mid-sized businesses and organizations.

The study surveyed HR professionals and hiring managers compiling their responses in over 1,000 hiring practices across industries. The majority of respondents claimed to have utilized some form of online job board to assist in their hiring needs this year. However, even with the increased use of job boards; 47% of hiring managers rely on newspaper postings- making them still a favorable recruiting tool that is utilized. It’s especially favorable when recruiting hourly employees; 75% of HR reps rely on newspaper listings to find hourly candidates. remot jobs

When businesses are looking to hire blue-collared workers, they tend to stick to the traditional methods of newspaper postings. HR reps believe this method leads to the most responses and hires and utilize this strategy 55% of the time. They also include referrals, business web sites, and online job boards as recruiting methods for blue-collared workers. They were utilized in 40% of hiring situations dealing with blue-collared jobs.

As for white-collared, full-time employment and staff, online job boards were used by 68% of the hiring managers surveyed. They also utilized company web sites and referrals, but online job boards were a major source for locating and hiring white-collared staff. Many of the positions in need had salaries of $60,000 or higher and required more time to fill.

As these boards grow as a recruiting leader, many folks still look to industry and regional job fairs. Hiring managers often find this avenue as a means to interview the highest number of candidates in a single time period. The hiring percent from these job fairs is only 4%, while hires from online job boards generate 12%.


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