The True Colours of Ball Python Morphs

Ball python morphs are produced when you breed two different pythons together. You can produce a normal looking python or a python morph which is indeed amazing. Ball python morphs are produced when you combine different colours or patterns of pythons and can produce one amazing python morph. You can also produce an extraordinary look that has not been seen before by breeders or pet owners. It is believed and proven that with these python morphs, you can attract different pet owners or breeders to breed and breed different pythons of their own because they are curious of what is the end product of their breeding.

One of the popular ball python morphs is the albino python. This morph is recessive and lacks black pigment in it that makes it look yellowish. These snakes are yellow and white in colour with red eyes. All albino ball pythons have different lines like some are high contrast through adulthood while others fade out to nearly solid light yellow base colour as it ages. Next is the Axanthic python which is also one of the products of ball python morphs. Their morphs are recessive and lack xanthin and yellow pigment. They are in silver and black colour when newly born but usually develop some yellow pigments causing it to develop a brown look as it ages. absolute value in python

The other ball python morphs are the clown ball python which is distinguish through its crazy head pattern and dorsal black stripping. Another is the genetic stripe python which has a genetic pattern mutation and a complete light brown dorsal stripe outlined by black or dark brown and the sides are with solid brown without breaks. Next are the ghost pythons that are orange, yellow and green and colour and has reduced melanin. Another one is the piebald python which has a colour pattern mutation and have solid white bellies. Last but not the least are the spider pythons with a co-dominant pattern mutation and have thin black lines.

These are some of the python morphs that are really fascinating. These snakes have attractive colours that will make you really interested in having one. With their colours and appearance it makes you curious on what product is produced once you combine your two beautiful pythons. Try it now and see the result.

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