Search Engine Mechanism

The internet brings the world to us with just a click. But what enables the internet to do so is the Search Engine. Internet users throughout the world gain access to the required information through the search engines. The most clicked search engines today are Google, Bing and Yahoo.

They themselves get the information from the World Wide Web (WWW) and arrange the results as per an algorithm they follow. What sets these engines apart is their method of mechanism. By understanding of this mechanism the SEO Firms usually boost the ranking of the client site.

In general the mechanism search engines follow is the simple rule of key word search. The keywords that the user enters in the search box are matched with the data base of the search engines and displayed in the most relevant order. The search is conducted by the web spider that searches for the key words the user desires results for in the mass of data. The order in which the search results appear is as per the estimation of relevance. The main factors that to search results are relevancy based on site’s content and relevancy of content external to the site –

Web Site Content Relevancy

While searching through a web site the search engine scans for –

• The frequency in which the key word appears on the on the site page
• The placement of the key words
• The regularity in which the key word appears on all the pages of the site

Relevancy of content external to site

While searching through external content the search engine scans for –

• The sites that have a huge number of back links to their site are preferred
• Most visited sites are prioritized
• Sites that have considered SEO or other online marketing stunts easily make it to the top

SEO companies in India usually use these factors in various combinations to generate higher rankings for their clients.

It’s interesting how the most sought after search engines design their algorithms and attempt different search results for the entered key words/ phrases. The algorithms followed by Google, Yahoo and Bing are dissimilar, hence the result sought on these sites for a single key word are different. Google pulls sites to the first page as per the ranking of the ranker site. On the other hand Bing does not prioritize sites as per their ranking but displays results as per the requirement of the searcher. junkyards near me


The number 1 search destination. Google emerges as a pro when it comes to crawling. It follows both the factors of displaying search results effectively. The results generated by Google search is highly information oriented. Google ranks sites on the strength of their link popularity. However Google refrains from entertaining sites with weak quality links to increase popularity.


The key word search followed by yahoo matches the text to the data rather than the concept. It prioritizes sites with good number of back links. Being a content rich site it has a lot of content of its own to be promoted. Another way in which one could improve ranking on the Yahoo is by paying it to index your site.


Pay attention to the user’s requirement rather than the ranking of the page. The crawling practiced by Bing is average compared to Yahoo and Google. A content/ title rich in details would get you good rankings on this search engine.

Understanding the mechanism of the search engines goes a long way in strategizing the online marketing strategy for the SEO companies. SEO India studies the various algorithms followed by the top search engines. They apply these factors while campaigning for the client and achieve higher search results.


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