How Can You Increase The Sales Of Your Grocery Store?

If you consider yourself a smart shopper, that’s great. Cutting coupons, for example, is a wonderful idea. There are lots of secret grocery store bargains that you may be unaware of, though. So, let’s talk about a few. russian store

The first thing you should know is that nearly every grocery store has a disco section (standing for either discount or discontinued). Some stores do call the section by a different name, though, so you’ll need to see what yours is called.

The point of the disco section is that it houses either items that the store has decided to quit carrying or items that have been somehow damaged, such as dented cans or slightly crushed boxes. Well, the cereal doesn’t taste any different just because a small section of the box is caved in.

So, the disco section of the grocery store can really be a wonderful place to find some deals. Just keep in mind that the damaged product section and the discontinued product section may be two different sections in the store, though they’re usually combined.

The second big bargain to look for is the perishable goods, like meats and produce. Usually, those things will be discounted on a certain day of the week and then removed the following day, if not sold. Even if a piece of meat or a fruit is going to be discounted, though, it may still be perfectly good. Stores are required by law to sell things well before their expiration dates, after all. So, talk to your meat department or produce department heads and see when things are usually marked down. They’ll usually tell you.



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